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Video Analysis Packages

Swim Affect
Online Video Analysis

Have your strokes broken down by the frame to get a better understanding of the skills and technique enhancements that will help you improve your swimming efficiency.  If you have access to underwater or above water video capture,  its easy, take a clip and send it to us for analysis.

Any MP4 video from an IPad, Smartphone, Go Pro or any capture device works.  Taking underwater and above water segments from front and side views provides ample opportunity to determine what you do well and what you need to improve.  SwimAffect will provide comparison views against some of our World Class athletes that give strong visuals to enhance the understanding and speed up learning.

Video analysis is available to everyone, if you are looking to improve we are here to help!    The analysis is not meant to replace instruction from your home coach but to provide an additional visual aide to emphasize the technical improvements you are already working on.

Contact us at: sonya@swimaffect.com for more information and packages.

The Power of Knowledge Transfer

SwimAffect believes in knowledge transfer as the heart of development throughout the world swimming community.  We have over the years had many mentors sharing their experiences, unselfishly in the understanding that greatness can come from anywhere.  The hope is if one is graced by it, as athlete or coach, the opportunity for that greatness to flourish should not be accidental.

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