The Summit

Camelback, AZ. 2700ft vertical climb over 1.23miles. Steep. But as they say the challenge makes the reward ever so sweeter. This climb is no exception to that rule.

The last time I made this climb was late 90’s on a training camp with my former Northwestern Wildcats. That day we started the hike early to reach the summit before sunrise and we were not disappointed. Blood red streaks like flames oozing from the clouds fired up the skies and our adrenaline. The team went on to complete the season with the schools most successful NCAA campaign. 13 years later I would move here permanently and today 18 years removed I made the trek again.

The clouds are a little more ominous today but spectacular nonetheless. It’s a new journey with a new team, and although they are not here today, I know their enthusiasm to reach the summit would be unwavering. I carry their torch today up this climb in the relentless pursuit for excellence.

Whats your pursuit? What’s your Summit!

Keep reaching past what’s in your grasp, take every challenge as an opportunity and never give up on your dreams!

Majulah Singapura

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