Switching Off to Switch On: Floating

We all reach that point where days begin to blend and no matter the hours we put in the work keeps stock piling. Where does OUR time go, and by that I mean personal time when we get to breathe or just take stock.

Today I took a 60 minute mind reprieve at Palm Ave Float Club, Singapore. 60 minutes of total sensory deprivation, total disconnect from the typical flow of my day, 60 minutes to just let go and only answer to myself.

Immersed in an Epsom salt bath at 34.5 degree Celsius, air temp slightly cooler, all housed in a pod resembling a cocoon, you are literally floating, a sensation of being suspended, just there. Total sensory deprivation as all sound and light is absent and your skin can barely tell the difference between the water you are floating in and the ambient air temperature around you. Close your eyes or open them and the scenery is the same, total darkness.

There was never a point where I felt anxious, just the opposite, I totally gave in to the experience, tuned out the noise of my daily tasks and just floated. It was pure bliss.

Each pod is set up in its own space, with shower and personal control of ambient air temp and lights. The pod has its own ambient lighting depending on your comfort level turning out the lights completely or your purpose for that session floating. You are in total control of the experience.

Today for me was a test session prior to engaging our athletes. The benefits associated with floating are limitless for athletes and the potential to enhance recovery, rehab from injury and applying psychology and neuroscience for performance gains is of particular interest for me.

An athletes mind is a tool, and the skills to harness its power need to be trained as equally as the body that executes the movements, if not more. Floating offers multiple training opportunities in one session: de-stress, recovery, rehab, imagery, relaxation and healthy sleep promotion.

Soaking in Epsom salts, magnesium sulphate has been used for centuries as an effective cure all. For athletes the analgesic affect on muscles to reduce soreness and shorten recovery time.

In general health benefits associated with increase absorption of magnesium:

°Improves heart and circulatory health
°Improves body’s ability to utilize insulin
°Improves nerve function by regulating electrolytes.
°Regulates calcium uptake and levels in the blood
°Relieves stress by binding adequate amounts of serotonin the mood-elevating chemical within the brain that promotes well being and relaxation.
°Prevent and ease migraine headaches.

Absorbing magnesium floating in Epsom salts increases delivery of sulphates to your cells. In many cases, sulphates absorb more readily through the skin than what we take in through regular diet. Sulphates like magnesium serve a wide variety of functions in the body, most importantly the formation of:

°Brain tissue
°Joint proteins
°Mucin proteins that line the digestive tract.

My hour of floating today was worth its weight in gold. In 60 minutes I felt my mind recharge better than any full night’s sleep I’ve had in months. Try it for yourself. I know I will be back for more.

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