Sweet Relief at the End of the Trail

A brisk morning hike up Holbert Trail in Phoenix AZ. This used to be a fixture in my day, a small piece of nature amongst the bustle of suburbia. Today is a treat to get back to my other home, sweat and burn off a few calories.

The hike up in all is 2.5 miles of switchbacks climbing around 2200 vertical feet. Not a monster of a climb but it leaves itself to you to make it your own challenge.

Today is a typical February day, mild temps with a crispness, blue skies with wispy white clouds and a low sun not yet exhibiting the desert summer bite.

I’ve come in off a long flight from Singapore leaving me a tad dehydrated, so I took in about half a litre of water on the trail up. Definitely missing my camelback so not to interrupt the run, but today I did not mind so much, each stop let me take in the views and the sheer ruggedness of this place. Maybe that’s the lesson today. "Stop to smell the roses". Well cactus here, majestic, resilient and life-giving.

To top off at the peak and give me a little extra energy for the run down, a gala apple, as crisp as the morning air added sweetness to the salty savory taste in my mouth. To me the simplest of all fruits hits the spot for that sugary carb recovery blend and I’m ready to head back down.

A great start to the day.

See you on tomorrow’s trail

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